The bus stop seemed so far away On those bleak, wintry days so cold As we made the trek to get to school Watching yet another storm unfold Kentucky weather was harsh at times In an area where most folks were poor I still remember how good and warm it felt To finally get inside the school door Sometimes the boys had old galoshes We girls doubled up on socks with holes Wearing our dresses all year round Left spindly legs exposed to the cold Windburn and frostbite were prevalent But we had to take it in our stride Being grateful to only have a mile to walk 'Cause after that we had a bus to ride Oftentimes, the bus was overdue When the road was all glazed with ice Running in place;blowing on our hands We had no shelter and had to survive How we dreaded to get off that bus After school had let out for the day Knowing we faced that long, cold walk We still played snowballs along the way We knew that Mother would be waiting All filled with worry 'til we came in sight Then she would serve up mugs of hot cocoa While the fireplace glowed hot and bright In retrospect, I guess it wasn't so bad It made us stronger after we were grown I still recall dreading that morning walk Then being pampered after a cold walk home Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 14, 2007 All Rights Reserved

Snow Effect by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

Back Home Again
Country And Western Midi Music