Herb and Rosemary met in the spice rack And Herb was instantly smitten Though pretending to be a little put off The gal's voice purred like a kitten Herb wooed her and he courted her Rosemary's responses were icy Before too long, he won her heart Their relationship then became spicy They made such a handsome couple Herb had salt and pepper hair With Rosemary's locks of ginger gold The two seemed a perfect pair Rosemary cooked and baked for him Her cinnamon buns warm and sweet Herb gave her gifts of peppermint And allspice with the sugary treat An article in the Caraway Thymes Told the world they were engaged Pap Rika was happy for his little girl But a chili hot gal was enraged In the neighboring town of Parsley Lived a nut of a girl named Meg She'd been chasing Herb for years And she swore she'd make him beg The two lovebirds rented a room At the Bay Leaf Inn out of town Nut Meg found out and hatched a plan To set a trap mint to take Herb down Rosemary walked in and there they were In a heated compromising position Flying into a rage and mincing no words Dr. Dill was surprised at their condition Though Rosemary was a little worse for wear She learned a good lesson that day When you meet a fella in the kitchen Don't give him the thyme of day Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 11, 2007 All Rights Reserved

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