Diagnosed about three years ago With a dreaded, incurable disease I've now become a statistic Another victim of diabetes On medications, rather than insulin Pricking my fingers twice a day Keeping meticulous records To hold my glucose level at bay My toes are painful; my feet are numb Kidney function is lower than the norm Recent damage shown in my arteries Demands a heart cath be performed Though I had eye surgery a year ago My eyes become weak and blurred Diabetes is wreaking havoc on me But I refuse to be deterred I thank God that my feet still function And I'm able to walk much as before I needed to watch my diet anyway Losing weight; hope to lose some more I'm glad that the medical profession With God's help has become so advanced Minds and hands guided from up above To give people like me a fighting chance I may be down, but I'm not out yet And my heart is filled with peace I've learned to live with this condition Hoping it won't get the better of me Even at my age, my mind is clear And I can still take care of myself Praising God each day for His blessings I'm not ready to be put on a shelf Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 24, 2007 All Rights Reserved


If Tomorrow Never Comes
Skinny's Wav Collection

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