~ For Tim ~ Listen to the whistle blow The train's almost in sight Steam billowin' from the engine Wheels racin' through the night Clickety clack, clickety clack Hear that thunderous roar Comin' to a screechin' halt It's time to get on board I jump into a freight car Got no money for a ticket My bandanna tied to a pole A change of clothes within it I've traveled all over the USA Visited almost every state Whenever I get the wanderlust I hop me an out of town freight Whizzin' through the countryside The air feels fresh and clean Danglin' my feet outside the car Goin' to places I've never been Don't expect I'll ever settle down Long as the rails keep callin' me And I'll never be the marryin' kind Rather be footloose and fancy-free Guess I'll spend the rest of my days Hoppin' freights and ridin' the rails And live my life like a pioneer Blazin' out all kinds of new trails My mom's sweet voice is callin' Wish I hadn't heard what she said I gotta turn off my train set now 'Cause it's time for me to go to bed Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 10, 2007 All Rights Reserved








Pine Top Boogie
Nostalgic MIDI Music