I read about a rich man who died the other day Heard he never did much for mankind People wondered how much money it was he'd left The way I see it, all his wealth stayed behind Many today are obsessed with money And all the so-called pleasures it affords But no one yet has taken it with them Or has a bank account in Heaven's records I'll admit that I like to be comfortable Wear nice clothes and be well-fed Treat myself to a luxury now and then And own the roof that's over my head I don't try to keep up with the neighbors Or the fortunes that they may accumulate Don't envy their mansions or fancy cars I just try to keep my own life straight But it's just a temporary situation For when my name's called on Judgment Day I'll answer to God in a robe of white My Heavenly treasures to survey Earthly possessions don't go along with us No matter who we are or what we do At death, the poor man's equal to the rich 'Cause we're all just passing through Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 8, 2007 All Rights Reserved

Image is from Texas Photos
Photographer is Wil Ellis.

This World Is Not My Home
Midi Picking by Harry Todd
Sequenced by Harry Todd