I used to be part of a happy family
Just Daddy and Mommy and me
Then they started fighting a lot
And Daddy said he wanted to be free

Guess they didn't know I could hear them
I used to cover my head at night
It hurt so much to hear them yelling
That I just lay there and cried

One day, when I got home from school
Daddy was going out the door
He had a suitcase in each hand
Said he wouldn't be back anymore

I cried and begged him not to go
But he told me he couldn't stay
He hugged me and he promised
That he'd visit me 'most every day

Don't know why he didn't keep his promise
I guess he just stopped caring about me
Mommy said he didn't love her anymore
He had a girlfriend and a new family

Then one day Daddy called me on the phone
And told me I would be going with him
He'd pick me up every other week-end
The judge had said he could see me then

I just don't understand about divorce
Mommy says there are things I shouldn't know
They don't know that I have so many questions
Maybe I'll find out when I'm all grown

When Daddy and Mommy see each other now
He starts cursing and Mommy just cries
Then Mommy told him that from now on
To pick me up and drop me off outside

I feel like I'm a part time daughter
In a time warp between two lives
So I sit here on the front step and wait
Till my Daddy and his new wife arrive

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
July 25, 2007
All Rights Reserved




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