If I could paint a picture Of a cold and blustery night I'd make the house old-fashioned And the landscape snowy white December sun would be setting With just enough light to see A beautiful winter wonderland Colorful birds sitting in a tree Snowflakes from a cloud filled sky Flutter softly past the window Nature's pristine, frosty blanket Covering everything below Pine trees heavily burdened With coats of glistening snow Smoke rising from the chimney Lighted windows all aglow Inside, would be a family Readying for the holiday Though not seen in my painting I'd imagine it that way Children playing happily Almost sleepy enough to retire Loving parents talking quietly Relaxing by a glowing fire A Christmas tree bright with colors Wrapped gifts placed underneath Poinsettia and candles scattered about On the door, a pine cone wreath Red stockings hung on the mantle Awaiting a man all happy and jolly The Christ child in a nativity scene Stairs adorned with bows and holly My painting recalls a loving family When times were hard but life was good As I load my paintbrush, I wonder Whether I'd relive it...if I could Kathleen McCoy Eldridge © September 22, 2007 All Rights Reserved

Snow Effect by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

One Moment in Time
Angelic Midi Music

The cottage tube is a courtesy of SWD PSP Tubes