Supper's ready and Pa ain't around When I yell at him, he claims he don't hear Not a lotta hitch left in his git-along Old geezer's always bringin' up the rear He's probably oglin' the girls in the catalog In the outhouse just down the path Gotta hurry and get supper over with And heat the water for our Saturday baths He thinks I don't know what he does When he don't wanna hear me a-callin' Turns the volume down on his hearin' aid But purty soon, he comes a-crawlin' Sometimes, I feel like lettin' him starve Though I reckon it ain't very nice But I ain't got enough breath to waste To spend on chewin' my cabbage twice Though I know the old fool can hear me I gotta wait until he comes in to eat If he takes too long, my vittles get cold 'Cause it's his turn to use the teeth Poor thing's gettin' old and feeble And I shore ain't trailin' far behind Better keep him 'cause we're all we got Though I'm losin' what's left of my mind We been together nigh on to sixty years Done forgot what romance was like If he pats me on the knee every month or two He thinks I oughta be a-flyin' high Can't seem to get on the same wave length When I'm ziggin', Pa's always zaggin' In the long ago days when he could light my fire We shore set the neighbor's tongues to waggin' Them days is gone; we're too old to cuddle Ain't no fire left, not even a cinder But I wouldn't trade Pa for nobody else 'Cause, to me, he'll always be a winner We're just a couple of old fossils And we always seem to manage somehow But upon my honor, if Pa croaks before me I'm gonna yell, "Can you hear me now?" Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 23, 2007 All Rights Reserved



Diggin' Up Bones
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield