I've surfed the 'net for many a year
Seen lots of pages and stuff
A person can find most anything
If she looks around the 'net enough

I can do my Christmas shopping online
Write checks from my bank account
Pay all my bills in a minute or two
And clothing catalogs online, I haunt

I've read poetry both good and bad
And jokes that made me laugh with glee
Seen funny cartoons I couldn't resist
Yep, the Internet sees lots of me

An Hour With You; Silver And Gold And Thee
And Marie's Front Porch Inspirations
Kept me happily reading for hours on end
Beautiful graphics always a sensation

I noticed that, toward the end of each page
A pretty book stated "sign" and "view"
It seemed to be saying, "Please take a look"
Something I never took the time to do

I started my own site a few months ago
Now the shoe is on the other foot
Seeing the importance of leaving a note
I'll surely start signing those books

When I look at the counter on my main pages
I'm tickled pink that you've taken a look
But this old lady sure gets a thrill
When you leave a note in my guestbook

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
September 16, 2007
All Rights Reserved


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