Autumn fast approaching Soon time to rake the yard Summer waiting patiently For changing of the guard Annual flowers face demise Bright colors fade away Transformation of the trees Send autumn shades our way Pretty birds chirp happily Before their yearly flight Sunny days just slightly warm More frequent cooler nights Harvesting the garden Gathering in the yield Farmers tying up the shocks Of fodder in the field Squirrels preparing for the time When food cannot be found Scrounging corn and nuts and grain Storing safely underground Earth revolves around the sun For God has deemed it so Giving life to all His own As seasons come and go Soon, the winter winds will blow Snow clouds all dark and gray Drop their bounty on the Earth Another autumn fades away Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 31, 2007 All Rights Reserved


Float Script by Kurt Grigg

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
Sequenced by Wanda Fischer
Wanda's Music