I'm going home for Christmas this year
Where special festivities await
Colored lights twinkling in the snow
A "welcome" wreath hung on the gate

Mother will be busy in the kitchen
Baking our favorite holiday fare
Daddy is readying the fireplace
For warm, glowing embers there

We young folk will trek into the woods
To cut a spruce all tinged with blue
Throwing snowballs along the way
Having fun the way we always do

Later on, we'll all go skating
On the mirror-like, frozen creek
Gliding and teasing playfully
Getting cold hands and rosy cheeks

I can see us decorating the tree
With ornaments sentimental and treasured
Snapping pictures for Mother's album
Making memories that cannot be measured

On Christmas Day, the nine of us
Will gather 'round the laden dinner table
Thanking God and promising each other
To come each year as long as we're able

The old homeplace looks just the same
Frozen in past times, it seems
I'm going home for Christmas this year
As long as my old heart can dream

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
September 25, 2007
All Rights Reserved

All Things Bright And Beautiful
Christmas at Midnight Midis Snow Effect by Craig Blanchette Courtesy of Dynamic Drive Image www.morguefile.com/ Copyright 2005 Touch A Memory