When I am weak and weary
And my life feels incomplete
I take my burdens to my Lord
And place them at His feet

His loving presence surrounds me
In this place where flowers grow
And clears my mind of daily cares
Where blessings abundantly flow

Water rustling in a tiny stream
The happy chirping of playful birds
Enjoying the peace, my Lord and I
As we communicate without words 

Tearfully, I open my heart to Him
A soft breeze touches my face
His voice like music to my soul
Holding me safely in His embrace

My heart and spirit rejuvenated
There is contentment beyond belief
His soothing presence comforts me
All my cares and worries release

Ever thankful for His sacrifice
Because of Him, my redemption assured 
Striving to remain with the faithful
Vowing to Him that I will endure

As I leave, His love envelopes me
I marvel at His awesome powers
Knowing I can always find Him here
In my peaceful garden of flowers

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
July 20, 2007
All Rights Reserved

Sweet Peace
Sequenced by Robert Jones
David's Southern Gospel Midi Tracks