Time to clear the garden and flowerbeds Soon, the lawn I'll have to rake Gathered a slew of apples and berries For the jams and jellies I'll make I've salvaged enough dried flower seeds For a beautiful planting in the spring Dug potatoes and dried the onions Such aroma to winter soup they'll bring Harvesting can be hard but satisfying And I enjoy the canning and preserving The pumpkins are almost ready for carving Except the ones for pies I'm reserving I've pruned the roses; put down the mulch Shelled the popcorn the kids had planted Thinned the irises, tulips and peonies Thankful to God for the crop He granted Golden shades of autumn add such color To all the landscape that I survey I've accomplished a lot in a week or so But there's still plenty for another day I made it through with some aching muscles A few callouses and blisters on my hands But, by golly, I'll have enough food put away To make my holiday meals taste grand Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 19, 2007 All Rights Reserved


Photo by: www.comteche.com

I'm A Lonely Little Petunia In An Onion Patch
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield