Sweet little Terri
Was never contrary
But still her garden wouldn't grow
She planted the seeds
Took care of their needs
And her tasks only filled her with woe

Oh, pity on me
What could the matter be
I must be afflicted by a spell
I've never been mean
Yet my thumb isn't green
My garden's pitiful as anyone can tell

A neighbor stopped by
Couldn't stand to see her cry
He advised her to talk to her plants
Terri thought he was silly
Still she blathered willy-nilly
And scared away the dog with her rants

Terri felt like a jerk
'Cause nothing seemed to work
And decided to hang up her tools
She would never again
Go through growing pain
Decided that gardening was for fools

Now Terri's yard and veranda
Because of a little propaganda 
Boast of flowers and other plants of their ilk
'Cause little Terri got smart
And she went to Wal*Mart™
Now her flowers are all made of silk

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
August 6, 2007
All Rights Reserved





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