Oftentimes old memories Softly tiptoe through my mind My heart eternally searching for A lost dream I'll never find Strolling through the distant past Many happy times recalled Of two so carefree and so young Whose future seemed enthralled Beside the water clear and cool On a bright day in September Envisioning the love we shared My soul yearns to remember I hear the rustling of the stream Remembering your kneeling there Picking wildflowers from the bank Putting a cornflower in my hair Sitting at the water's edge Bare feet immersed knee deep Feeling the sunlight on my face Our lives safely in His keep I still see you in our photographs And your mementoes left behind But God still lets me see you best In the recesses of my mind Seasons change and so must we As I return to the present day But as long as my old heart can dream You will never fade away Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 21, 2007 All Rights Reserved  

Cornflower Blue
Sequenced by Ron Tilden
Jack's Midi Music

ęBeverley Lu Latter, Photographer