Driving along a country road The top down, enjoying the breeze I heard the sound of joyous laughter From behind a small clump of trees Needing to get out and stretch my legs A tad curious as to the goings on Behind the trees was a group of children At a secluded little fishing pond Listening to their frolicsome merriment I relaxed on a big flat rock Enjoying the cool breeze in the shade As my mind turned back the clock It seemed like such a short time ago We could have been those happy children I imagined my brothers, sisters and me And the way we were back then Children of poor, but loving parents Our toys and games were mostly homemade After homework and daily chores were done How we ran and laughed and played Riding stick horses, playing kick the can Splashing and wading in the creek Along with other kids in the neighborhood Playing horseshoes and hide-and-seek One of our favorite places to go Was our special little fishing spot I remember the water so fresh and cool On summer days when the weather was hot Instead of a rod and reel, we used A piece of string tied to a makeshift pole Carefully tying our bait to the very end We'd all meet at the fishing hole If anyone happened to catch a fish Turning it loose was a simple matter Since we had no hooks, they were never hurt Oh, how I miss that playful patter Before I knew it, an hour had passed And I'd finished my fancy bottle of water But I think I'll always miss the years When I was a poor coal miner's daughter Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 29, 2007 All Rights Reserved


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