A sad little frog named Fergus Hung around the swamp all day Whiling away the hours on his lily pad Watching other little froggies play They never got Fergus to join them No matter how much they tried For his heart still pined for Bessie And at night he sat and cried His friend, Buzy Bee tried to help him And kept Fergus company all day Laughing and telling him the latest buzz But Fergus just made him go away Bessie and Fergus were a golden couple Or to be more precise, they were green Making plans to marry and settle down In a lily pad condo they had seen Then one day Bessie up and left Didn't leave her betrothed a note Fergus searched until after dark So dejected that he wanted to croak Fergus bemoaned and wondered about What could have been Bessie's fate She may be in a French restaurant On some rich connoisseur's plate Time passed but Fergus always had hope He knew he could never let her go Until one day, Bessie came hopping back With a dozen baby froggies in tow Fergus leapt for joy and shouted, "Hooray!" It was the best day he'd ever had He hugged Bessie and kissed the kids Then made an offer on a bigger lily pad Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 4, 2007 All Rights Reserved


Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Sequenced by Eisboch
Jack's Midi Music