After browsing the Saturday yard sales I lugged home an old trunk I'd bought Hoping to explore it later that day Then didn't give it another thought Until one rainy Monday afternoon The house clean and my errands all done I remembered the trunk still in the garage And decided to have a little fun It took awhile to wrestle off the lock All covered with rust and without a key But with the help of a hammer and chisel I raised the top to take a look-see The musty smell of moth balls filled the air And I had to step back for a minute Then I sat on the floor beside the old trunk To rummage through all the goodies in it The usual mementoes ~ baby shoes and hair bows And old pictures of people I didn't know Seemed all that were in my treasure trunk Until I found a secret compartment below Wrapped in lace was an old faded diary Bound in red leather with golden script Holding the secrets of someone's heart The pages fragile, brittle and ripped As if invading a stranger's innermost thoughts The story told during the War Between the States Of a southern girl's love for a northern soldier A pairing doomed to fail by circumstances and fate The story unfinished, but tucked neatly in the back Tied with ribbons and fine handmade lace Were the letters they had written to each other With no information for their history to be traced Feeling remorseful at my intrusion into her emotions Guilty that my reading it may have been wrong That old trunk was the perfect place for her memories The diary would stay in the past where it belonged Placing everything carefully back in its place And putting a new lock on that old trunk Realizing this was the most precious find Of all my Saturdays of buying and bringing home junk Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 12, 2007 All Rights Reserved Share this Page

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