In Loving Memory of Lena Carol McCoy Robinson 03/20/43 - 10/31/03

Almost four years ago you left your family With grief and sadness in our hearts We all went to Alabama to bid you good-bye The shock and pain almost tearing us apart Sorely missed by your brothers and sisters Your daughters and grandchildren too Madison is the granddaughter you never met We think she looks so much like you Michael and Andy still remember you How their granny went to Heaven one day They talk about the fun you had together And the games the three of you would play I reminisce quite a bit about our childhood years The times we all played and worked together I guess we sometimes take loved ones for granted Assuming they'll just be around forever I hope you've found the peace you were seeking That you couldn't seem to find here on Earth I'm sorry you felt downtrodden and forsaken And never realized your own true worth We didn't understand the depth of your suffering And never believed you would seal your own fate I hold on to the belief that when you left that day Jesus welcomed you at Heaven's gate I felt like I needed to write you this letter Maybe it will somehow ease my mind I hope you'll save room for the rest of us And maybe, one day, that same peace we'll all find Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 15, 2007 All Rights Reserved

If We Hold On Together
Georgia Girl Midis
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Starfield Script by: Kurt Grigg