I'm gettin' dressed for shoppin' And facin' another hurdle Them gosh darn garters locked again On the bottom of my girdle but Dagnabbit, this always happens When I try to put on my corset 'Tain't very ladylike, I know But I'm gonna have to force it but Layin' there spread-eagled In the middle of my unmade bed Finally got the dang thing on My bottom feels like lead but I always try to dress like a lady But some folks don't care nowadays Wearin' stuff that wouldn't make good rags Heck, I still dress up anyways but An old geezer I saw at Wal*Mart The other day tried to catch my eye By cracky, if I'm a-goin' courtin' Gonna get me a man that's still spry but I reckon I'm a bit of a recluse Live my life pretty much the way I please I've been there, done that, seen it all There ain't too much that bothers me but Neighbors drop by now and again Checkin' to see if I'm still alive I'm doin' okay for the shape I'm in Still kickin', just not too high but Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 22, 2007 All Rights Reserved share div backmapmail

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