The season has rolled around again For some good old-fashioned family fun We've waited a long spell for the county fair Now that autumn's work is 'bout done For nigh on a year, we've been gettin' ready Each hopin' to bring home a prize Aunt Maudie says she's finally gonna win With her homemade pickles and pies Granny's made a dozen of her patchwork quilts People can't seem to buy 'em fast enough She makes a tidy sum of money every year Enough to keep her in tobacco and snuff Brother Willy's gonna enter his punkin The biggest one in the whole dang patch Pa sells things carved and whittled outa wood And makes toys nobody else can match A spring in his step and a twinkle in his eye Grandpappy's judgin' the beauty contest He wanted to ride a bronco in the rodeo Granny convinced him it wasn't for the best My sister and I are in the 4-H club We raised a lamb for most of the year I can just picture that blue ribbon now And hear all of those people cheer The big day's come and it's time for us to fill Both the wagons and Pa's old pickup truck Our loads will be lighter comin' back home The men are takin' first run moonshine to sup The old truck's rattlin' and the wagons are squeakin' Burdened down with our precious merchandise On the back of the hay wagon swingin' our legs to and fro Us youngins excited 'bout winnin' us a prize Oh, what a grand and glorious sight it was to see When we finally pulled up at the old fairground Fireworks, greased pigs, horseshoes and tractor pulls Sure make for a wheelin', squealin' time all around I could tell there was gonna be a big turn-out Pa and the boys searched high and low for parkin' I nudged my sister and we both got the giggles Watchin' teenagers in some of the cars sparkin' The grandstand's plumb nigh full of folks Listenin' to the hillbilly band that's playin' There's lotsa good pickin' and grinnin' goin' on I recollect till after dark, we'll be stayin' Grandpappy stayed too long after the beauty contest Granny grabbed him by the ear and yanked him plumb away We youngins got bellyaches from too much cotton candy The boys found a peep show but Ma wouldn't let 'em stay Maudie came in second place with her pickles Willy's punkin and the lamb both struck out But all the quilts and hand-carved toys got bought I reckon we got lots to be thankful about Tuckered out and sleepy, we finally headed home I looked back as the truck pulled outa there Thinkin' and plannin' what we'd do next year For the annual Pig Whistle County fair Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 18, 2007 All Rights Reserved

A Penny A Pitch
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield

Falling Leaves Script by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive