Like many, I've obeyed our laws And followed all the rules Yet when I look around, it seems We're just a bunch of fools Mankind has become much wiser But we live in such a wicked world It’s all foretold in the Bible In Matthew, chapter twenty-four The rich are getting richer And the poor are with us still The homeless, sick and elderly Rejected, have lost their will Hard-working people toiling away Find it hard to make ends meet Living from one paycheck to the next Some forced to give up in defeat Billions are sent to distant lands The world’s pocketbook we’ve become We seem to have forgotten, though That charity begins at home Addictions have become so rampant Women sell their bodies on the street Men rob and kill to feed their habits While the dealers' fortunes increase People die from starvation every day In the richest country in the world While freedom can be bought and sold In buildings where our flag is unfurled Our justice system is by no means perfect But it’s the best one known to man Even with its faults and foibles I'm still proud of our fine land Instead of living in a state of apathy We need to let our voices be heard And make elected officials realize That we expect them to keep their word Unless we all pray and work together To make this world a better place We may as well sit around and wait For the extinction of the human race Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 28, 2007 All Rights Reserved









Cryin' Time
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Dick Anderson's Country Midi Guitar