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Years ago, we took a family vacation
To a summer home owned by a friend
In Michigan's northern Lower Peninsula
Where the lakes never seem to end

The rustic little cabin was nestled
In deep woods all dark and dense
Not another house for miles around
The uneasiness made me tense

The place had no running water
We carried bucketsful from the creek
I was lost without a television
And missed my soap operas for a week

The gas cook stove had no butane
We lived on cold cuts, snacks and beans
And drinking water bought from a little store
In the Michigan town of Wolverine

One day we crossed the great Mackinac Bridge 
To the Upper Peninsula of the state
We picnicked and fished by a secluded lake
Caught no fish, but drowned lots of bait

My husband took our two boys hunting
For the elusive little birds known as snipes
Taking sacks to catch the little critters
Not knowing that their Papa had put them wise

An hour or so later, he returned all alone
Breathing hard because he had been running
Said the boys were lost somewhere in the woods
He hadn't caught on to their cunning

Pretty soon the boys strolled into the clearing
Laughing about how they'd fooled their Dad
With all the inconveniences, I have to admit
That little vacation wasn't really half bad

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
June 24, 2007
All Rights Reserved



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"Old Home Place"
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