The storm came up rather quickly And caught the sightseers by surprise His hat blew off just as he observed A beautiful lass with violet eyes His bumbershoot turned almost inside out Then he heard a sweet mirthful chuckle He would later say it was love at first sight That her beauty made his weak knees buckle He introduced himself and asked her name By the look of shock on her face he deduced The lady thought he was being too forward Because they hadn't been properly introduced Holding her skirts, she started to walk away He realized he might have sounded shady "Sir, I'm offended by your bold advances And I will have you know I'm a lady." The wind grew fierce and it began to hail She quickly jumped into his arms for shelter Holding her tightly, he hoped she wouldn't resist Because he knew he had never looked svelter In later years, they credited the weather For letting them fall in love in a storm If my great-grandparents hadn't met that day Ninety descendants would have never been born Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 18, 2007 All Rights Reserved










"Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind Dew"
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook