I come here when I'm lonely To sit under the willow tree And confide my happiness and fears It's like part of the family My friend shares all my private thoughts It's brimming with my history Seems I've spent so much of my life 'Neath this old willow tree Sitting here in the evening mist My soul overflows with grace As if the tree was sent by God To guide me to this place His spirit always surrounds me here The atmosphere brings me peace An aura of love embraces me My cares and woes released When I am happy, He shares my joy If I'm sad, He gives me sympathy The tree actually seems to come to life But with an air of mystery Knowing all the tears that I have cried When my heart was pained with grief God, in all His celestial glory Gives me comfort and relief When my days on Earth are over When my spirit has been set free Who will sit beneath the willow? And who will weep for me? Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ June 5, 2007 All Rights Reserved

Music ~ "Journey Of The Mind"
Written and Performed by Margi Harrell