My muscles are sore and I'm out of breath
As I collapse on the wooden bench
Surveying my afternoon handiwork
My lower back begins to wrench

Taking off my gloves, I spot a blister
Between my finger and my thumb
And dirt under all my fingernails
My right hand a little bit numb

With my hair all stringy and sweaty
And no makeup on my sunburned face
Sure hope the neighbors don't see me
'Cause I must look quite a disgrace

A gentle breeze has started to blow
In the shadows of the waning sun
So proud of my accomplishments today
I feel my energy begin to return

Flexing my fingers and stretching my back
I reluctantly leave my comfortable place
Looking at the flowers, the birds and bees
My love of nature, I now embrace

Though my body will regret it for a day or two
I have to admit, it was kind of fun
To see the yard and garden looking great
And the satisfaction of a job well done

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
June 16, 2007
All Rights Reserved



"Afternoon Delight"
Gary's Midi Paradise