They say everybody talks about the weather
But nothing's ever really done about it
A juicy topic when folks get together
Solve the problemÖI really doubt it

The weathermanís calling for showers
Sure hopeís itís a warm, sunny day
Course, the rainís good for the flowers
But thereís a softball game to play

When itís hot, I hate getting all sweaty
But I still like to go to Wal*Mart™
Sometimes, it rains while Iím getting ready
I should have read the weather chart

My aching joints give me a warning
When the weatherís going to turn cool
I don warm clothes in the morning
And by noon, Iím feeling like a fool

Going to be humid, says the barometer
Guess Iíll have to crank up the AC
But according to the porch thermometer
Those two weather gadgets donít agree

Weíre pleased with a short, mild winter
And we love it when the dayís nice and warm
Then complain when we watch the weather center
And the lady predicts a huge thunderstorm

I say to heck with trends and prediction
Stop the bellyaching and the boo-hooing
The Man Upstairs has the final conviction
Heís the only one who knows what Heís doing

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
April 4, 2007
All Rights Reserved

    Music ~ "Black Velvet Waltz"
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook

  Snow Effect by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive