A couple young and carefree Had just become engaged When he was drafted into the army To fight where a world war raged He wanted to set a wedding date So they could marry before he departed But she was afraid he wouldn't return And leave her widowed and brokenhearted The night before he had to sail He wanted something to remember her by And tried to force her against her will She slapped him hard and started to cry Sending him away with unkind words She gave him back the diamond ring He went off to fight for his country Feeling he had lost everything Two years later, he returned unharmed Wanting to see her, she always refused Her heart still hardened over what he'd done And felt his conduct could not be excused He continued the pursuit but to no avail Such a heavy load of guilt he carried Then one day she heard the news That her former beau had married Fifty years passed and he was confined To a wheelchair in a nursing home Often speaking fondly of his only true love Inviting her, but she never would come After a life as a spinster, she died in her sleep When they told him, tears ran down his face Still thinking of the life they could have had He passed away still loving his Grace Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 21, 2007 All Rights Reserved

  "I Know Where I'm Going"
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook