It's time to clean the house again
Seems like I did this just last year
I know I dusted at Christmas time
So there's lots to do, I fear

The hamper is filled with dirty clothes
And I noticed they've started to stink
I plan on getting all the dishes done
Just as soon as I can find the sink

Deciding to do all the bedrooms first
Killing cobwebs and dust bunnies galore
Changing the sheets and making the beds
I found an earring I'd been looking for

Washing the windows and scrubbing the floors
Thoroughly vacuuming each and every room
I have dishpan hands and housemaid's knees
And I find myself waltzing with the broom

By late afternoon, the house is sparkling 
I'm not as pleased as I seem to appear
Seems like no matter how hard I slave
I'll have to do it all again in a year

The family gets TV dinners tonight
Though I know they'll sit there and pout
This old lady's done all she's doing today
Because I'm plumb tuckered out

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
June 29, 2007
All Rights Reserved



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Barefoot's Midi Jamboree