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Sifting through the junk at flea markets For me holds tremendous appeal Searching yard sales and consignment stores I'm always hoping to get a great deal Driving through a small town one day last week I spied a place that looked so delectable Visions of dollar signs flashed through my head As I thought of finding a priceless collectible Maybe I'd actually see a real hidden treasure A valuable clock or a lost painting by Picasso And I'd buy them for a fraction of their true worth Then take my prizes on Antiques Roadshow I browsed the place for what seemed like hours And not one bonafied treasure did I discover But I did run across lot of things I could use Including an old slop jar with a cover I couldn't resist a velvet picture of Elvis With musical notes all around the border And bought a ten cent toaster that didn't work 'Cause the cord was probably worth a quarter Buying used things can be expensive and addictive I mention that for what it may be worth And if I keep on going the way I am now I'll have the biggest junk collection on Earth One of these days, I'll gather up all this stuff When my mind is working with a little more clarity I'll lift and load and bag and box the things And give all my priceless treasures to charity Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 1, 2007 All Rights Reserved
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Bad Moon Rising
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