Deciding to plant my first spring garden I bought assorted bulbs and tools and seeds Tossed a "How-To" handbook in my shopping cart Desperately hoping it would meet my needs Having never been gifted with a green thumb I hoped I could do it by using my head Of course every house plant I'd ever owned With loving care, still ended up dead I planted bulbs in the fall for spring blooming Following directions shown in my book And hoped the winter cold wouldn't kill them Considering all the hard work it took Winter came and went with its freezes and thaws And, in the spring, I kept looking for greenery Hoping to see them peeping through the ground Imagining colorful additions to the scenery The little green shoots got taller and budded Until one morning I awoke to a surprise Bright tulips seemed to have bloomed overnight A full spectrum of colors before my eyes So proud of my accomplishments, I almost danced The child in me making me seem beguiled For God's gift of all those beautiful flowers Made all my worrying and toiling worthwhile Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 28, 2007 All Rights Reserved
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   "An English Country Garden"
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook