It's the first full day of summer The longest day of the year The Earth has made another turn Vacation time is finally here We always celebrate the summer solstice And have a cook-out for family and friends There are things to do and places to go Before this beautiful season ends We'll have burgers, hot dogs and soda pop Everything else will be pot luck Uncle Barney is always the first to arrive With Aunt Maddie in their rickety old truck Although they don't have very much money They always bring their homemade pies The picnic tables are laden with food Each covered dish holds a new surprise Cars and trucks parked around the block We've attracted a pretty big crowd Tots in the sandbox; teens in the pool Today, even dunking is allowed There are games of checkers and horseshoes People chatting and shooting the breeze Others are playing their musical instruments Pretty birds are singing in the trees By nine o'clock, the party's winding down The misty twilight is finally falling There is nothing on Earth as satisfying As when family and friends come calling The place is a mess and I'm all worn out But I wouldn't want it any other way The fourth of July will be here soon They'll all be back for the holiday Spending time with friends and family I'm so thankful just to be alive With the way time flies and then disappears The winter solstice will soon arrive Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 20, 2007 All Rights Reserved


Tubes from Another Outlaw Design


"In The Summertime"
Sequencer Unknown To Me