To My Brothers & Sisters I took a walk down memory lane Sitting in my rocking chair The old homeplace flashed in my mind And all of you were there With a picture album on my lap My mind wandered back in time Recalling memories of long ago When life was so sublime Mother and Daddy as they were then Worry on their furrowed brows Living a hard and simple life With seven children in the house Picture after picture told the story Of bad times and of good Of special days and holidays In our old neighborhood Time moved on and we were grown Itchy feet made us want to roam Big dreams filled with wanderlust Dear parents left at home Mother and Daddy are both gone now And Lena, so humble and sweet It's hard to believe those times have passed Memories never to repeat So many thoughts went through my mind Holding this album I'd compiled And as I wiped away the tears I could've sworn that my heart smiled Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 7, 2005 All Rights Reserved

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"Cross Over The River"
Hamblen & Hamblen Music