~*~*~*~ When there are seven kids in a family There's bound to be a lot going on Parents get stressed and harried And can't always watch each one ~*~*~*~ Brother being four years older than me He took advantage of my naiveté Jokingly picking on his little sister By his hijinks and the tricks he'd play ~*~*~*~ He'd tattle-tale on our sister and me Even try to make trouble between us Once we snuck and went wading in the creek And he told Mother right where he'd seen us ~*~*~*~ He would put me up to raid the cookie jar Then point at me and say, "She did it!" I'd worry that I was in for a spanking Hoping Mother would just forget it ~*~*~*~ Though at the time I suffered through it I learned a lot from my big brother Having five siblings younger than me I played his tricks on some of the others ~*~*~*~ It's kind of fun reflecting on our youth Remembering those long ago teases and taunts For even with those childhood shenanigans He's the best brother a girl could ever want ~*~*~*~ Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 29, 2007 All Rights Reserved

Margi Harrell

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