I took a trip back to my past One sunny day last fall I guess I'd hoped things were the same And hadn't changed at all Driving down that country road Recalling memories I couldn't forget Amazed at how things looked so strange Much to my heart's regret Trees and brush now covered the place Where our childhood home once stood I could almost hear the laughter again We were young and life was good Surprised to see the bright orange fruit On that old persimmon tree That we ate with gusto long ago Each fall between frost and freeze The creek where we used to splash and play When the water ran free and clean Had almost disappeared with time And was now just a little stream Granny Fletcher's house was long since gone Most coal mines were all played out Abandoned equipment had turned to rust No children were playing about Several houses I didn't recognize Probably built long after we'd left Were now in states of disrepair Their occupants forlorn and bereft I'd heard that Johnson Bottom was lost In the seventy-seven flood Parks and playgrounds filled the spots Where coal camp houses stood Crossing the bridge into Delorme I looked down at old Tug River Now flowing with sewage and coal sludge Much darker and muddier than ever On the road to Matewan, I realized I couldn't return to being a child 'Cause life cannot be lived again But I could dream for a little while Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 4, 2006 All Rights Reserved





  Image from Vermont Fall Foliage

"My Way"
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