The family's busily making plans Both young and old excited We'll soon be seeing them again And everyone's invited Although we do this every year The prospect is always thrilling There's nothing like a family for Togetherness and love fulfilling Reservations have been made For cabins all secluded So we can spend this precious time With nary a one excluded The day arrives and loved ones come To visit and congregate And introduce all the new ones More memories to create As evening comes we gather 'round The fireside so inviting Our guitars tuned, we begin to sing Most everyone delighting We sing awhile, then reminisce Of times with Daddy and Mother They raised all seven in hard times And still loved one another Our hearts are sad as we remember The ones no longer with us And wonder when we journey on Will anyone even miss us Much too often family love is lost As we lead our separate lives Do we ever stop to think about All the memories this deprives The week-end passes much too fast We wish for more time here We console ourselves with promises Of a reunion again next year Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 6, 2005 All Rights Reserved





Music ~ Precious Memories
Sequencer Unknown To Me