Lotsa folks look down on me And shake their heads with pity Lookin' at life from where I am I'd say I'm a-sittin' pretty My house is a bit ramshackle And my truck only runs now and then But I pay my bills and my belly is full Though the pickins are sometimes slim Sittin' on the porch in my easy chair Enjoyin' the rain hittin' the old tin roof The birds a-nestin' in the big oak tree And the chickens a-cacklin' in the coop Some o' the youngins poke fun at me Shucks, that don't bother me none Guess they ain't had proper raisin' though If a-hecklin' me is their kinda fun Whilst them youngins is a-pickin'on me They's a-leavin' somebody else alone Sometimes I've a mind to switch 'em good And send 'em a-cryin' on home But I'm a feller that minds my own business Don't stick my nose where it don't belong Just a-takin' good care o' me and mine And a-tryin' not to do no wrong I live quite a sparse and simple life Don't cotton none to stockin' up treasures 'Cause when I go to my Heavenly Home I'll have a wealth that's beyond measure Yep, I really am a-sittin' pretty Not much in this world bothers me Just a-mindin' my business and a-trustin' in God And unlike many, I'm a-sittin' debt-free Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 3, 2007 All Rights Reserved



"Old Home Place"
Sequenced by Bruce M. Bowman
Banjo Midi Music