Though we're hundreds of miles apart
My brothers and sisters are in my heart.
Now we're six when once we were seven;
Our sister, Lena, at peace in Heaven.

In this great technological age
We're fortunate to have our own web page.
We all have computers and use e-mail
And unlimited minutes on our cells.

Yet we don't take the time to stay in touch.
I guess to some it doesn't matter much.
What would you give to hear once more
The voice of a sister we all adored?

Time is much too precious to waste
And as we get older, it passes with haste.
A letter or a call would mean so much
Or a note on the web page with pictures and such.

We'll never pass this way again.
Memories of some are all that remain.
Share the love of sisters and brothers
As a tribute to our Daddy and Mother.

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
July 20, 2005
All Rights Reserved


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