My real mommy and daddy went away And left me and my brother all alone Some people brought us to this place And said it was our new home A family took my little brother To their home in the city to stay I remember him when I say my prayers And I miss him every day A man and woman came to look me over She was such a sweet and pretty lady I really thought they were gonna pick me But the man wanted a teeny-tiny baby Sometimes I get to thinking That I'll be here until I'm all grown The people are really good to me But I want a mommy of my own I heard some people talking one day A man said I'm getting too old I cried and cried in my bed that night And felt all scared and cold I'll be on my best behavior And promise not to eat a lot Please pick me and take me home Don't let me be forgot Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 12, 2007 All Rights Reserved

Jesus Loves Me
  Margi Harrell