In Loving Memory of Perlene McCollum Pender
December 30, 1920 ~ June 9, 2007

A dear friend left this world today Her journey on Earth is done Friends and family grieve her passing But her victory has been won Times like this make us reminisce About one who was loved so well Pictures of her flash through my mind As on the happy times, I dwell I know she has gone to a better place Yet her loss has saddened my heart A lady who touched so many lives Love and kindness to impart Her aged body was so frail and weak And she suffered with constant pain Until God spirited her to Heaven today Where she will never hurt again I can picture her walking hand in hand With her husband who died long ago Their bodies whole and vibrant now As through a golden Heaven they stroll Grief and pain are a part of living And we each have to face our death I know that God was holding her hand As she took that last, labored breath Perlene will never be forgotten By the many loved ones left behind Till I see her again on Heaven's shore I'll keep her memory in my heart and mind Kathleen McCoy Eldridge June 9, 2007 All Rights Reserved

Float Script by Kurt Grigg
Dynamic Drive

"Go Rest High On That Mountain"
Sequenced by David Larch
David's Southern Gospel MIDI Tracks