Sitting on the porch trying to catch a little breeze The temperature fifty degrees past swelter It's hotter in the house 'cause the AC is down The dog and cat are running helter skelter Old Man Brewster's running through the sprinkler He's old and senile so the neighbors overlook it Birds are walking 'cause it's too hot to fly It's time for dinner but I don't want to cook it A local speed walker passes by in slow motion Her ample butt has been gobbling at her shorts Brewster gives her a wolf whistle or two It's very obvious what her sports bra supports The grass is dying but that's okay with me Sometimes I'm lazy and don't want to mow it No matter how hard I try, it always looks crappy Because the dandelions and weeds outgrow it Tomorrow's weather prediction is hotter than today's We'll be able to cook dinner without a fire My hair's wet and stringy and the curl's all gone The number on the thermometer's gotten higher I'm not the type to complain about the weather Unless it's ninety or so degrees in the shade I think I'll go and sit in front of the fan And have a nice, cold glass of lemonade Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 22, 2007 All Rights Reserved