When it comes time for me
To move in with my sons
I wonder if I'll get to do
Some things I've never done

I'll bet it would be a lot of fun
To jump up on their beds
And when I heard them coming
I would run and hide my head

I could play in rain and in the mud
The way they used to do
Then balk at taking my daily bath
And eating healthy food

I'd beg to watch cartoons all day
And stay up late at night
I wonder if they'd spank me
Ouch! That gives me a fright

I hope they don't get me a cat
I'd rather have a computer
Then I could surf the 'net all day
Just sit there looking cuter

I wouldn't have my picture made
Or help with any chores
And every time that I came home
I'd be sure and slam the door

I'd play my music really loud
And wake up all the neighbors
Eat all the cookies in the jar
Run through the house with scissors

I'd see how far they'd let me go
When I moved in their home
I'd be a really rotten "kid"
Look out, boys, here comes Mom

Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ
July 15, 2005
All Rights Reserved



Ain't She Sweet
Sequenced by Harry Todd
Midi Picking by Harry Todd