My heart feels sad and scared 'Cause I'm in trouble at school again I just know I'm gonna get punished And my stomach feels knotted with pain I really try to learn all the lessons And I'm doing the best I know how I can't concentrate 'cause I'm about to cry Wondering what's gonna happen now Sometimes I look at the blackboard And the writing seems all blurred Teacher thinks I'm not paying attention But I try to listen to every word She sent a note home to my mommy That said my grades are getting worse Mommy hit me and took away my supper And all daddy did was yell and curse I'm sad and worried so much of the time That I dream about running away from home I don't really think my folks love me And wouldn't miss me if I was gone I wish I lived in a house far away With a nice family that really cared So I could feel all better again And not have to always be scared Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 24, 2007 All Rights Reserved "Who Am I?"
Sequenced by David Larch
David's Southern Gospel MIDI Tracks