I dreamed that I had left this world And the Eastern Gate opened for me Daddy, Mother and Lena were there Oh, what a wondrous jubilee My mind could hardly comprehend The splendor of that Heavenly place Greeting loved ones who had gone before And feeling their warm embrace A setting of peace and grandeur Flowers blooming in every hue Crystal fountains were overflowing Beside a place where roses grew Such magnificence I had never seen Everyone dressed in robes of white Their toils of life all behind them Now surrounded by a brilliant light There was a mansion reserved for me And the streets were paved with gold Jesus took my hand to lead me there Welcomed me into the Heavenly fold Jesus promised me that Heaven Would be my inheritance But I must return to my mortal life And work to earn my recompense When I awoke and looked around My soul filled with anticipation For I believe in Jesus' promise That Heaven is my destination Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ June 11, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Music ~ "The Eastern Gate"
Sequencer Unknown To Me