I remember two sweet, little girls
Running playfully through the heather
Vowing to always be best friends
Just enjoying being together

One was the favorite of their mother
The older girl feeling left out
Then jealousy reared its ugly head
And friendship took another route

Growing up, everything they did
Evolved into a competition
One so desperate for motherly attention
A dream that never came to fruition

Years flew by and they drifted further
Into a rift that was ever widening
Gone were the memories of happy times
And the bad ones, oh so frightening

Slowly as if by a miracle of love
The women worked on mending the cleft
But they never attained that trust again
And now there is only one left

I cannot help but try and relive
Holding hands and running in the breeze
Two sweet, little girls unspoiled and free 
And my longing for those memories

Some have escaped my clouded mind
Like slowly fading embers
But I will always have my dreams
As long as my heart remembers

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
June 7, 2007
All Rights Reserved

"Journey Of The Mind"
Written & Performed by Margi Harrell