Momma killed a chicken And she gave me a wing She thought I'd been a-workin' But I hadn't done a thing All day I been a-beggin' her To let me go a-fishin' She said for me to get to work And just keep on a-wishin' Brother's a-pokin' fun at me He says I'm actin' crazy They ain't nothin' wrong with me Ceptin' that I'm lazy I like settin' on the creek bank Throw my line right in the water Momma caught me a-sneakin' off And said I hadn't oughta I try to mind my Momma By doin' all my chores The fish is probably bitin' And I can't go outdoors I guess I take my lazy ways From my Poppa and his Pa They never could hold down a job Lessin' the women laid down the law When I'm grown and have my way That's when I'll get my wish My old lady'll do all the work Whilst I set on the bank and fish Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 24, 2007 All Rights Reserved

"Up A Lazy River" Sequencer Unknown To Me