Let's jitterbug down memory lane
And see once more how folks lived then
In the decade of the nineteen-fifties 
We'll dance back and remember when

Young marrieds were glad the war was over
And started the baby boomer generation
In the midst of hula hoops and coonskin caps
Elvis and Jerry Lee captured the nation

We heralded the golden age of television
Rushing to buy this newfangled sensation
Watching Uncle Miltie and The Amateur Hour 
And westerns on all three stations

On week-days, after school was out
American Bandstand was the place to be
Watching kids dance and copying the steps
Viewed on a little black and white TV

Girls wore poodle skirts and crinolines
And the guys loved their dungarees
Sporting duck-tail dos and pony tails
Saddle shoes and loafers with pennies

Burma Shave signs, the birth of rock and roll
Fads and slang too numerous to mention
All part of the legacy from the fifties age
When parents really got kids' attention

But I've lingered long enough in the fifties
Just remembering those days makes me tired
I still talk the talk but can't walk the walk
'Cause this old baby boomer is now retired

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge
© June 22, 2007
All Rights Reserved



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  ©1999/2002 Rainbow Row Graphics

"Blueberry Hill"
Sequenced by Don Carroll
Jack's Midi Music   Float Script by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive