More than five long years ago I had to let you go When you departed from our happy world all too soon And quietly slipped away that morning into God's hands To eternity past the stars and the sky and the moon In my shock and grief, I couldn't know what it would mean That awful moment when I had to leave you and walk away My tearful heart was broken when I left you lying there I wanted to go with you but I had no choice that day From a lifeless form, your spirit flew gently upward To the eternal joy of Heaven past sunsets, clouds and rain Even in my bitterness, I tried so hard to console myself That you were at peace and released from your daily pain Yet, after all those years, I still long for the wonderful man Who loved me unconditionally even when his family turned away You brought sunshine and happiness back into my lonely life And made me happily anticipate each new day I'm over the bitterness now but the pain and grief linger on Though you've gone to a place of eternal beauty where angels fly I'm satisfied that one day we'll find each other in Heaven And we will never again have to say goodbye Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 6, 2007 All Rights Reserved






"I Will Always Love You"
Laura's Midi Heaven