Sometimes I like to reminisce 
About memories of my youth,
Growing up, learning about life,
And recalling hurtful truth.

As in a dream my emotions flow.
I remember the times we shared.
The gentle arms of a parent's love;
We always knew they cared.

Dark shadows sometimes interfere,  
And I think of those now gone.
And the old house that fell into disarray
Then the darkness turns to dawn.

A gentle rain starts falling, 
Like anguished tears that fell,
When God took our loved ones Home,
And we had to bid farewell.

God did not promise a perfect life, 
Because those we love are mortal.
When our earthly life is ended,
We pass to a Heavenly portal.

The time has come to put away  
Old thoughts that crowd my mind,
Of another time and another place,
And of loved ones left behind. 

I say goodbye to thoughts of old 
As I leave this ghostly place,
Looking toward the present times,
New memories to embrace.

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
March 9, 2006
All Rights Reserved


Rain Effect from Dynamic Drive

"The Water Is Wide"
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook