~ For Luke ~ My sight is growing weaker My body frail and old I am now alone and lonely Sweet memories I enfold Far off in the distance Someone reaches out to me The figure blurred and misty And the face I cannot see I hear someone call my name But I cannot place the voice Although it sounds familiar I am hesitant to rejoice He calls again and I recognize A sweet voice I recall so well One who went away so long ago And it makes my old heart swell Oh, my love, I've missed you so And longed for your loving touch Don't leave me here alone again For my heart loves yours so much You are still my precious heartbeat To the depths of my very soul I need your arms around me With a yearning I cannot control His hand finally touches mine A gesture I cannot resist We walk together hand in hand Disappearing into the mist Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 24, 2006 All Rights Reserved


Photo is from Dreamstime.com
by Anita Patterson Peppers

Someone To Watch Over Me
Sequenced by Harry Todd
Harry Todd's Midi Guitar